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Video production is at our very core, 15 years experience filming documentaries and live events around the world means we can offer multi-camera HD streaming and videography with TV production values.

Rescuing Online Events from the zzz’s

In the rapidly evolving landscape of virtual interactions, creating engaging online events has become a paramount challenge. Whether you're hosting a webinar, virtual conference, or hybrid event, capturing and maintaining the audience's attention is crucial. How to Make Online Events Engaging? 1. Interactive Content is Key: To captivate your audience, integrate interactive elements into [...]

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Event filming and webcasting at Slido

We love Slido and were thrilled to manage their latest webcast streaming directly into their platform. (which was a first) If you don’t know Slido it’s the industry-leading audience interaction platform. It helps users get the most out of meetings and events by crowdsourcing top questions and engaging participants with live polls and quizzes. [...]

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Animation meets film production with WaveFX

Local animation company WaveFX have produced many award winning animations over the last 20 years for some of the world’s biggest companies including Microsoft, Lloyds and Siemens. Their latest project involved blending photorealistic animation with real world footage filmed in Leeds to create a seamless journey around and through a new Domino printing press. [...]

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Event Production at King’s College Hall Cambridge

Event Production at King’s College Hall Cambridge When it comes to hosting and capturing memorable events, few places are as iconic as King’s College in Cambridge. Renowned for its rich history and exquisite architecture, this prestigious venue has witnessed countless memorable events over the years. The Perfect Blend of Tradition and Technology While still [...]

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