Simon Pegg hosts live Greenpeace Webcast from WaveFX studios.  Last year, Greenpeace spent the summer investigating, documenting and exposing what was really going on in the seas around the UK.

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During the live virtual event hosted by Simon Pegg viewers had a chance to watch a premiere of the film and after ask the panel of campaigners and fishermen questions.

The WaveFX social media stream team added high production values to the webcast remotely vision mixing the virtual presenters, video play-outs and graphics.

Fiona Nicholls from Greenpeace commented:

“WaveFX supported Greenpeace to livestream the launch of a documentary on Facebook and it went without a hitch.

The film was about the plight of small-scale local fishermen in post-Brexit Britain, and how the government is failing to act to protect UK waters.

Actor Simon Pegg and two small-scale local fishermen joined after the documentary was streamed for a Q&A with the audience, and thanks to the preparation and briefings by WaxeFX, it all went smoothly.

It was such a relief to know that the technology side of things was taken care of and we could concentrate on the campaign. The live stream event went really well, the audience stayed engaged and watched the full documentary and Q&A, in part due to how seamless the tech side of things was – no lagging audio, no “you’re on mute!” – just really smooth viewing.

Would gladly work with this team again!”

WaveFX have been in the virtual studio production industry for over 15 years filming and streaming remote presenters and panellists into live events and conferences.  We use professional tools, equipment and experience to manage remote contributors and presenters seamlessly into any event, allowing for real-time contributions and Q&A.

Unsure how or where to stream too?  Please do get in touch and we’d be happy to talk through all the options for your latest virtual studio production (virtual, live or hybrid event)

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