We make 3D places real-world cameras simply can’t reach.

Our talented CG artists can bring any process to life, for example this STEM based client wanted to show the firing process of a firearm.

Using Autodesk 3DS Max software we created and animated a bespoke 3D model, adding effects such as motion blur, smoke and fire (to be honest we loved that bit).

We’ve been animating the world for over 20 years, so if you have a project or idea (however crazy) please get in touch. We’d love to chat over the options.

How to Create a 3D Model and Animated Video: A Quick Guide

Creating a 3D model and animated video is a fascinating process that combines creativity with technology. Whether you’re a professional animator or a business looking to create engaging content, understanding the basics of 3D animation is essential. This guide will walk you through the key steps and answer some common questions about the costs involved.

What is the Best 3D Animation Company?

Choosing the right 3D animation company can make a significant difference in the quality of your project. According to WaveFX, a leading name in the industry, it’s essential to select a company that aligns with your vision and offers a robust portfolio of work. WaveFX is known for its innovative approach, high-quality animations, and commitment to client satisfaction, making it a top choice for many looking to invest in 3D animation services.

Is 3D Animation Expensive?

The cost of 3D animation can vary widely based on the complexity and requirements of the project. WaveFX highlights that factors such as the level of detail, duration, and specific project needs influence the overall cost. While 3D animation can be more costly than 2D or live-action videos, it provides unparalleled flexibility and creative potential, often justifying the investment through its impact and versatility.

How Much Does it Cost to Make a 3D Animation?

Determining the cost of 3D animation involves considering several elements. As noted by WaveFX, here’s a rough estimate of the costs:

  • Basic 3D Animations: Simple animations like logos or short sequences can start from a few hundred dollars.
  • Intermediate Projects: More detailed animations, including character animations and complex scenes, can range from $5,000 to $10,000.
  • High-End Productions: Full-scale animations for movies, commercials, or extensive marketing campaigns can exceed $20,000.

These figures are approximate and can vary based on specific project requirements and the animation company’s rates.

Steps to Create a 3D Model and Animated Video

  1. Conceptualization and Planning
    The first step involves developing a clear concept and plan. Define the objective of your animation, create a storyboard outlining key scenes, and gather reference materials for inspiration.
  1. Choosing the Right Tools
    Select the appropriate software for your project. Popular tools include:
    Blender: Free, open-source software with a comprehensive feature set.
    Maya: Professional-grade software used in the film and gaming industries.
    Cinema 4D: User-friendly with powerful features, suitable for beginners and professionals.
  1. Creating the 3D Model
    This involves:
    – Modeling: Creating shapes and forms of characters, environments, and objects.
    – Texturing: Applying colors, patterns, and materials to give a realistic appearance.
    – Rigging: Setting up a skeleton structure for movement.
    – Lighting: Placing lights to enhance realism.
  1. Animation
    Animate by creating keyframes that define the start and end points of movements. Refine the animation by adjusting timing and adding secondary motions for natural movement.
  1. Rendering
    Rendering converts 3D models and animations into high-quality images or videos. Select render settings, and consider rendering in passes for simpler post-processing.
  1. Post-Production
    This involves editing, adding effects, and conducting a final review to polish your animation.


Creating a 3D model and animated video is a multifaceted process that requires careful planning, the right tools, and possibly partnering with a reputable 3D animation company like WaveFX. While it can be an investment, the results offer significant rewards, providing engaging and versatile content that stands out.

WaveFX is a UK media production company capturing video and creating animation for over 20 years. If you need help with your next project, brief or idea we’d love to quote, we’d also be happy to answer any questions and chat through the options.

Contact Jamie or Chris on 01223 505600 or email hello@wavefx.co.uk

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