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Webcast Production

We are an award winning full service London streaming company who film and stream hundreds of webcasts and webinars every year. We only send out highly experienced crews with the very latest equipment including backup systems and 24/7 technical support.

Our job is to demystify the streaming process, we won’t talk techy and we’ll be on hand to guide you through every stage of your webcast. If you’re just looking for advice or exploring streaming for the first time, please do get in touch.

We can help with as much or as little of the production as needed, if you require a full multi camera vision mix, sound engineer and PA or remote satellite internet, please just let us know.

For advice or a quote – email or call 01223 505600

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Social Media Streaming

Live event streaming to social media is low cost, highly engaging and accessible to everyone.

Webcasting events, product launches and announcements has become a key marketing and communications tool helping companies and brands reach huge online audiences without the expense.

We offer a professional Facebook, YouTube and Twitter streaming service dealing with all aspects of the stream.  We can help setup the online event, promotion and of course all the crew and equipment to make your webcast look and feel much more like a high end TV production.

Unsure how or where to stream to?  Please do get in touch we’d be happy to talk through all the options for your latest event or idea (however crazy).

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Agency Partner

We are completely white label and happy to wear any company T-shirt. We regularly work with production companies, event organisers and venues to offer their clients a webcasting service.

We can help with as much or as little of the streaming process as needed and we promise not to talk techy.

We’ve delivered webcasts from locations as diverse as the Outback of Australia, the New York Times and the Queen launching an Aircraft carrier in Scotland.

Whatever your event, show or conference we’d be happy to be part of your crew. Plus we promise to stay and help unload the truck and coil the cables.

Enough from us  – read what some of our clients have to say.

We are a trusted London Streaming Company and webcast regularly to all the major platforms.
Need help deciding where to stream, please just ask

Our public streaming package comes with unlimited viewers which is ideal for any event that wishes to grow their audience. We can stream to your website, YouTube, FaceBook and Google Hangout (basically anywhere).

Get involved; public streaming allows your audience to engage, share and comment on your webcast, ideal for public meetings, webinars and live shows.

View an example of how your “Public” website could look here.

Monetise your live broadcasts with “Pay to View” and continue to earn revenue with recorded “video on demand”

You’re in total control: set your own ticket price and broadcast schedule, we link your live event directly to your bank account making it simple to accept all major credit cards and keep track of revenue.

Its simple: Enable multiple pricing and subscription options including coupons to best suit your ticketing needs.

From our experience webcasting a live event on-line actually promotes attendance for the following year. Those choosing to watch on-line are normally colleagues who would not normally attend due to distance, time constraints or company position.

View an example of how your  “Pay to View” website could look

Our analytics update every second so that you can gain the greatest insight into your broadcast

Knowing where users are watching is very important, our analytics deliver a breakdown of where content has been viewed — essential to determining effectiveness of campaigns, tracking distribution, and understanding audiences

Analytics can also deliver a country-by-country look at where viewers are located and how long they stayed

Multi-bitrate streaming

We stream in multiple bitrates from mobile to 4K

We automatically determine your viewers bandwidth and stream the best possible version of your video. This way, your viewers will be able to watch the highest quality without stuttering or buffering.

Multicast simultaneous streaming

Multi-destination streaming allows you to webcast your event simultaneously to multiple platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter using just one encoder (and of course a friendly WaveFX streaming company operator).

Multicasting does require a little more bandwidth from the network you’re using to stream from, but with today’s roasting hot broadband speeds it shouldn’t be a problem.

Find out more here

We’re added many interactive features so your viewers can really engage and participate such as chat rooms, polling, ask a question, voting and social media.

Social media is a great way to interact and build an audience, we can also live stream to Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube.

We are an award winning London streaming company and pride ourselves on being flexible and proactive, if there are any features you’d like to see on your customisable microsite just let us know.

Click here for an example of our interactive customisable website

Embed our customisable video player into any website, our helpful tech team will talk and help you through the whole process.

Click here for an example of an embedded player

We can make the stream as secure as you need from a single generic password to individual login details including name, company, email etc.

Click here for an example of a private website

4G bonding and Satellite internet has arrived

As more and more business takes place outside the office, mobile companies have boosted the speed and reliability of their 3G and now 4G networks which means it’s possible for us to now stream in locations with little or no fixed internet

A satellite internet service offers high upload and download speeds, and allows you to connect any number of devices to the internet via a network or Wi-Fi router.

We partner with event internet suppliers to provide the best solution for your location

Unfamiliar with filming and streaming? – Don’t worry, our aim is to de-mystify all aspects of webcasting which means you can relax and enjoy the creative process.

We can help with as much or as little of the production as needed, if you require a sound engineer and PA, lighting or a set design company please just let us know.

We also stock and hire webcasting equipment such as TriCasters, mobile LiveStream HD550’s and HD SDI cameras.

We are an award winning London streaming company –  see what our clients have to say about us here

Download our live event streaming guide which includes options, examples and costs...


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