eSports is a growing internet phenomenon which attracts huge online audiences and even bigger corporate sponsorship.

WaveFX was invited by “The Set Pieces” a quality football bogging website to film and live stream this year’s UK final of Sega’s Football Manager 2017.

Previous games, quarter and semi finals had been played in bars and clubs around the UK with the final held in London.

WaveFX used 4 cameras and they’re incredibly versatile vision mixer and encoder to live edit graphics, videos and of course the game into a thrilling live stream watched by thousands on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Top eSport players can earn over a £1m a year and like regular sporting hero’s train for long hours studying their opponent’s strategy and technique. In 2015, 36 million online viewers streamed the League of Legends World Finals online.

WaveFX is a full service video streaming service provider working with clients and partners on the very latest in live eSport competitions and experiential sporting events.

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