Mobile autocue – lets walk and talk

Cambridge video company WaveFX have been using autocue’s for over a decade to help clients deliver a polished performance but the big news is they now have a mobile unit allowing for more flexibility and creative filming.

An Autocue or teleprompter is a reflected display in front of the camera lens that prompts the person speaking with a script that moves at the same rate as they would normally talk.

The magic is the camera doesn’t see the text being displayed by using a special piece of glass called a beam splitter, this keeps the illusion that the speaker is speaking naturally and without notes.

Jamie at WaveFX commented “Autocue used to be an expensive addition to a film shoot but lightweight frames and tablet utilising a good app means we’re now offering the service to all our clients”

Recent Siemens video filmed in London for YellowSpanner productions using our mobile autocue –

Three tips for using an Autocue:

  1. The spoken word is very different from the written, so read your script aloud to a colleague and make it as conversational and natural as possible.
  2. Practice and then practice again, the golden rule is to slow down and even dare to enjoy the experience.
  3. On the day read it though several times with the film crew, I can guarantee they’ll want to help and ultimately get the best possible performance from you.

BBC presenter and trainer Maxine MawhinneyThe key is to ‘tell’ the story rather than ‘read’ it. So it is important to understand your running order and scripts and be clear about how the words will appear on the prompt screen”

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