WaveFX 360 degree video production Showreel

We film, edit and stream live 360° VR video for brands, events and corporate clients.  360° VR live streaming offers the online viewer the very best seat in the house, creating an engaging and interactive experience with or without a VR headset.

Quality and experience matter: We are an award winning event streaming company operating throughout the UK, Europe & USA

Trust us: All our team come from an event and video production background and are specialists in live streaming events to any 360° platform, including Facebook and YouTube.

WaveFX is an award winning 360 degree video production company based in the UK, filming and stream events live in 8K 360 degree video to Facebook and YouTube.

This great new technology puts the viewer in the director chair, and it really does work.

Imagine being at a conference or meeting and being able to choose where you look, for example:

– The presenter at the lectern
– The presentation graphics on the screen
– Someone in the audience asking question
– One of the panel replying

Viewing a 360 degree event requires no extra software or hardware; you simply open your favourite browser and watch the webcast as normal. You also have the option to fully submerse yourself in the event by wearing a VR headset.

If you’d like to discuss your latest 360 webcast, 360 degree video production or  just talk through an idea, please do get in touch with WaveFX 01223 505600 or email hello@wavefx.co.uk


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