For hosting and capturing memorable events, there are few places are as iconic as King’s College in Cambridge. Renowned for its rich history and exquisite architecture, this prestigious venue has witnessed countless memorable events over the years.

The Perfect Blend of Tradition and Technology

While still retaining the historical grandeur of the beautiful Dining Hall, WaveFX, a well-established event production company based in Cambridge, brought this venue firmly into the 21st century. Working closely with the events King’s, they managed all aspects of production, staging, lighting, audio, filming and webcasting for their client, Judge Business School.

Global Reach, Local Impact

In today’s interconnected world, physical boundaries no longer limit the reach of significant events. With the power of streaming, King’s College Hall becomes a stage accessible to audiences worldwide.

WaveFX can expertly handle all technical aspects, ensuring seamless live streaming or on-demand viewing. This global exposure not only enhances the event’s impact but also opens new avenues for engagement and participation.

King’s College Hall provides an unparalleled backdrop for events, with the fusion of tradition and technology through event filming and streaming, amplifying the impact and reach of these gatherings. By partnering with an experienced event production company, you can transform your event into a captivating experience that resonates far beyond this unique location.

Alan Jagolinzerz, Professor at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge commented on the service given from WaveFX:

“The WaveFX team gave me genuinely world class end-to-end support for this event. I approached them with a vision of capturing and broadcasting what I believe is critical dialogue to help global communities understand and grapple with a core societal problem.

Jamie understood the significance of the event, came to the table with many creative suggestions—all of which aligned with the vision—and then his team built it all out and delivered amazing service.

Everything was brilliant—the stage design choices, the lighting choices, the camera placements, the sound system, and the integration with the online streaming platform we chose. After the event, I promptly received an archive of professionally edited high-definition archived footage, which we are now using for curriculum and societal awareness projects.

I have hosted many events in my career and have learned they are successful only when I can trust that the supporting teams have meticulous logistics, very high competency in their craft, and are affable in our collaboration.

WaveFX delivered way beyond these expectations. Not only were they master technicians—but also a core part of my concept design team. I would trust them with any event of any calibre and am looking forward to working with them again.”

WaveFX is a UK event production company filming and streaming events for over 20 years. If you need help with your next event, hybrid or in-person we’d love to quote, we’re also happy to answer any questions and chat through the options.

Contact Jamie or Adrian on 01223 505600 or email

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