11 bands compete from across Europe – EuroNoize is a live music festival modelled on the Eurovision song contest, featuring a bizarre cast of alternative and underground subpop bands. This year the UK hosted the event at the SCALA music venue near King’s Cross in London.

WaveFX a webcast production company based in the UK provided all the crew and equipment to film and live stream the event, including providing the WiFi needed to webcast from the roof of the building.

Ireland and Norway tied the event with the crews favourite Winny Puhh from Estonia coming 5th

The EU-funded event is described as a celebration of “music that runs deeper than national borders” and was set up by promoters Galia and Pil Kollectiv to “represent the secret international fellowship of ‘punx and weirdos’ stretching everywhere from Russia to Ireland”.

6 production crew from WaveFX operated 5 cameras and 3 vision mixers creating content for both the room and the livestream.

The star of the day was the new Teradek Live Pro backpack which was bought in to provide a stable internet connection, the backpack placed on the roof of the venue bonded 5 different cellular sims giving the crew a stable upload speed of over 40mb.

1000’s tuned in from across Europe for the 4 music festival and the watch again is available here on the EuroNoize website

Mark Mountford from WaveFX commented “This was a bonkers event, a technical challenge but a lot of fun, the world needs more EuroNoize!!”

The stream was also bounced onto Facebook via multicasting which is the ability to stream to one location and then repeat on another, this gives event producers the option to stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn without the need for additional encoders.

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