WaveFX a video and webcasting production company filmed and streamed Natalie Portman interview with international bestselling author Yuval Noah Harari live from Central Hall Westminster.

Due to the huge interest in the event a second venue was opened catering for a further 1000 people watching the live stream on via a cinema screen.

The event was organised by The how to: Academy who produces talks, debates and conferences for people who think big. Bringing to London the greatest speakers and experts from around the world to inspire us to ‘Think, Learn and Imagine”.

WaveFX supplied the technical, filming and webcasting crew to live vision-mix multiple 4K cameras and live stream simultaneously to the cinema, remote locations and social media platforms.

At the heart of the production were two LiveStream HD550’s a very clever and versatile bit of equipment that transforms any event into a professional live production.

Yuval Noah Harari discussed his highly anticipated new book 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, with Natalie Portman, award-winning actress, director and activist. Topics ranged from; what is happening right now and what we should do about it, to how are we to grapple with the consequences of who we are.

Mark camera operator for WaveFX commented “Time was not our friend on this event with a very small window to install, build and test. Powered by coffee and the promise of a McDonald’s we got through. The best feature of the event was our new 4K Sony cameras which allows us to take multiple HD shots from one camera, very impressive.”

WaveFX regularly work with production companies, event organisers and venues to offer their clients a webcasting service. They are a completely white label streaming company and happy to wear any company T-shirt.

For more information on how WaveFX can help film and stream your next event please call Jamie 01223 505600 or email stream@wavefx.co.uk


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