Monotote is a breakthrough technology that transforms great content to become instantly shoppable.

The WaveFX animation team created a promotional video for the press launch of this new service, incorporating film footage, 3D animation and professional voiceover.

Monotote offers true partnership for publishers and brands with purchase-at-the-point-of-inspiration technology, delivering profit, instant gratification, audience loyalty, quickly and easily.

With Monotote, visitors can now checkout on the publisher’s website, blog or online magazine via a native pop-up shopping cart without ever sending them away again.

Chris at WaveFX commented: “Using software such as Adobe After-Effects and 3DS Max we can create animations such as the Monotote video that blend motion tracked animation with the real world, the next exciting giant leap is VR and we’re now seeing and starting to create 360 degree environments for viewers to explore”

With the introduction of a Monotote “Buy” button and the elimination of all the extra steps currently needed to find and purchase products, monotote gives publishers a new revenue stream, and happy readers that can now read content, watch videos, and shop.

If you’d like to discuss your latest animation, promotional video or film project please do call Chris at WaveFX 01223 505600 or email

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