This week you may have seen Local video company WaveFX filming around Cambridge.

We often get asked do we need permission to film and most of the time we’d say no, if its public land you’re fine, just keep the crew small and don’t block the highway. The police have no power to stop filming or photographing unless they suspect terrorism. For larger shoots or filming in busy built areas it’s prudent to get permission from the local council, especially London.

Regarding people, if someone has agreed to be interviewed or filmed it’s important to ensure they know what you’re filming and how the footage will be used.

You can get consent verbally, but usually you should also ask your contributors to sign a form, known as a consent form. This will confirm that they know what they are being filmed for and are happy for the footage to be filmed, edited and streamed.

Filming on private land such as Convent Garden, South Bank, Shopping Centres, Train Stations and Airports is always tricky – but get permission, sit through the health and safety video, smile and you’ll be fine.

To be honest, it’s normally the tripod that most places have an issue with (trip hazard) if you can leave it at home or make like a tourist and use a small camcorder or DSLR

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