Last weekend local video company WaveFX travelled over 2000 miles across the UK filming at the Edinburgh Science Festival and the University of Bristol Life Science Labs

The Science festival programme included unique immersive workshops to sensational family shows from the world’s best science performers. Events for adults featured discussions, debates, workshops, screenings and nights out, all with a scientific twist.

WaveFX boarded a twilight flight from Gatwick to film the Siemens ideas factory for local event company YellowSpanner

On to worms – The Life Sciences building at Bristol University is split into three zones, including a five-storey laboratory wing complete with acoustic chambers, spectroscopy and microscope rooms. WaveFX were there to interview a senior Lecturer in Veterinary Parasitology for leading Pharmaceutical company.

Jamie of WaveFX commented “A long long weekend made easier with shortbread and a few ciders”

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