The RAR Digital Animation Award acknowledge digital agencies who deliver outstanding results, creative services and the very highest levels of client satisfaction.

Finalists and winners are selected based on their performance which is entirely voted and rated for by their clients.

Why WaveFX made the top 10 Animation Companies in the UK?WaveFX fuses the experience and resources of a large agency, with the enthusiasm and “can do” work ethic of a small studio making it possible to take on projects and budgets of all sizes to an incredibly high standard.

Chris lead animator at WaveFX “This is the first year we’ve entered and we’re genuinely chuffed to be rated so high, we started out 20 years ago on a steam powered desktop that took days to render a 5 second spinning logo. Today we upload files remotely to render farms which enable us to provide incredibly complex photo-realistic animations to our clients within hours”

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